Case Studies: Tranquil Garden Office Exeter

A customer in Exeter recently came to our Sheds Direct Team to help them build the perfect office space for them to work in away from their house in the tranquillity of their garden. With the location of shed and what was to be included in the shed already decided by the customer, we went out to assess the area allowing us to create a bespoke shed to fit their requirements down to the smallest detail. With the space being important for the customer’s productivity they chose the location in which the double glazed windows and doors were positioned to achieve the most natural daylight.
Exterior of Garden Office building
To ensure that the area was suitable for our shed build we prepared the ground before the construction commenced and also installed a 6” x 2” tantalised timber levelling frame. The office shed of 14ft x 10ft was painted in Sadolin Supadec in an Asteroid colour designed to protect the shed. This was complimented by internal walls lined with 9mm white TGV effect with insulation of 50mm celotex to help retain the heat. The rubber roofing which was created from firestone offers a lifeline of 50 years meaning the roof will not have to be replaced during this time. Another benefit of this roof is that as there are no joins there are no weak points in the roof making it a durable roof. With style and design in mind all of the choices ensured that the shed fit in well with their existing garden space.

Garden office interior

Our normal lead times normally take between 6-8 weeks from ordering to design spec right down to completion. Once onsite for this specific build it took just 5 working days to get the shed ready for use. The construction of the frame took place at our sheds direct location on Monday with the cladding, painting and glazing taking place throughout the week, before being erected in the customer’s garden on the Friday with insulation and lining applied. With electricity being a must the customers arranged for their electrician to come and install lighting for them.

With their shed now constructed and ready for use, our customers were quick to add their finishing touches and couldn’t wait to get to work right away.